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8a Creative collaborates with Gerflor to open their first South African showroom.

8a Creative was approached at the end of 2019 to design and develop a concept for Gerflor’s first South African showroom, that was opening in Kramerville, Johannesburg.

The idea behind the showroom was to create a contemporary space that not only showcased the Gerflor product range but also created a comfortable and practical space for clients to spend time in. With the rise of people using co-working spaces, we wanted the showroom to be a space where architects and designers could spend time working between or after meetings.

One of the challenges we faced was how to select products to use within the showroom from Gerflor’s vast catalogue of product. We spent a lot of time reviewing the various products and how we could use them within the space – we decided that 3 primary products would be enough to showcase the varied range without the space becoming overwhelmed with different materials. The rest of the fixtures were kept very clean and unobtrusive so that the Gerflor product could really stand out.

Building and Décor did a feature on the showroom once it opened in July.

8a_creative_Gerflor Ad